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Fatima Bergendahl

Stockholm, 27.09.2015

"Every woman has to decide alone by herself if she wants to work outside the house. It’s not like five hundred years ago, now we are in the 2000s. Here everybody can go to school, not just stay at our towns, cook for our family, and be with the kids. If we want our kids to have better future, me as a mother I think that every woman should go to school."

The 'I'm a Roma Woman' Campaign at the Venice Biennale 2011

The "I'm a Roma Woman" campaign was selected for the Call the Witness “Roma Media Archive” project at the Venice Biennale 2011.

The project was launched on June 1st 2011 during the exhibition Call the Witness – Roma Pavilion which takes place as a collateral event during the Venice Biennale 2011.

Roma Media Archive is an ongoing participatory media project to which the Roma and non-Roma artists, activist organizations and communities are invited to contribute with various documentary and art materials that reflect the contemporary Roma situation. The contributions vary from photography series, video documentaries, art performances, research projects and other digital materials that reflect on certain urgent issues related to specific events or to the general situation of various Roma communities in Europe or in other parts of the world.

To see the coverage on the I'm a Roma Woman Campaign at the Roma Media Archive please click here.

For a full coverage on the campaign click here.

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