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Fatima Bergendahl

Stockholm, 27.09.2015

"Every woman has to decide alone by herself if she wants to work outside the house. It’s not like five hundred years ago, now we are in the 2000s. Here everybody can go to school, not just stay at our towns, cook for our family, and be with the kids. If we want our kids to have better future, me as a mother I think that every woman should go to school."

Czech Republic: Wrongful Sterilizations to be Compensated

As many as 1 000 women could be compensated for wrongful sterilizations in Czech Republic

Prague, 22/02/2012 - As few as 59 and as many as 1 000 women could be entitled to compensation from the Czech state for illegal sterilizations. The Committee against Torture, which drafted the motion to compensate the women, includes those estimates in a report which the Czech Press Agency has reviewed. The Czech Government's Human Rights Council has recommend the Government compensate women whose fertility was terminated illegally. The Committee against Torture is part of the Council. It is not yet clear when the cabinet will discuss the matter. Dozens of women, most of them Romani, have turned to the courts and the ombudsman in recent years to address their forced sterilization.

The Council has recommended the Ministers of Labor, Health, Finance and Justice work with the Human Rights Commissioner to propose a compensation model to the Government by the end of next year. The Committee proposed drafting legislation similar to that used to compensate the victims of Nazism or those persecuted for resisting communist rule. A special Government-appointed commission including a gynecologist, a psychologist, and representatives of various ministries would evaluate applications from women claiming to have been forcibly sterilized. Women who apply would permit the team to review their medical records. The commission would then decide whether to award compensation.

Read more on http://www.romea.cz/english/index.php?id=detail&detail=2007_3180

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